This Tablet

This tablet is nearly 3000 years old and is made up of hard basalt and contains a picture of Moses (pbuh) and another picture representing Antichrist. In addition to eight pictures which could be seen when this tablet is rotated in a new position. Whether it was done deliberately or not, reports about God as the creator of this universe as well as of monotheism of previous nations have almost disappeared and what we hear nowadays by archeologists is the mention of idols.

Today we stand before a historical piece that tells the story of Allah’s (God’s) messenger Moses (pbuh) and his nation which foretells the emergence of antichrist, the great threat approaching us. The question that poses itself in this respect is whether humanity is capable of distinguishing him from the real Jesus Christ, son of Mary (pbuh), the real Christ we have all been waiting for?


Researcher: Ahmad Abdul-Kareem Al-Jouhari ,
Member of Arab Archeologists Union.